Treasure Hunt: A Backpack

It's been a long time since I bought a backpack. Actually, that's a lie. I bought one of these a couple summers ago to wear while riding my bike. And I love it. But ever since I started my job I've been lugging my laptop everywhere. And this isn't a cute little MacBook Air, either. No sir. I ended up with a hefty 15" MacBook Pro. Simply put, the thing weighs a metric shit ton. And back in September I bought this humongous shoulder bag to haul all my assorted crap around (including the aforementioned beast of a laptop). After awhile it's just got too heavy and I got too pregnant and well, something had to give. So I searched for and purchased a backpack. The only question is; why did I wait so long?! I feel like a million bucks when I wear the thing. What a fool I was lugging around that shoulder bag. These days, my back is so much happier. Well, as happy as a back can be when it belongs to the body of a lady who is 34 weeks pregnant. So okay maybe my back's not that happy but it's definitely much happier.

Left to right, from the top: leather / navy / polka dot / quartz grey / NY state / multi-color / blue and pink / taupe / floral / THE WINNER