First comes love, then comes marriage...

It’s true. I’m pregnant! And surprise, I’m actually pretty darn pregnant. Almost 26 weeks to be exact. Which I’ve always found to be an annoying way to count time but it’s how things are done in this baby-making game and who am I to argue. If you keep track of time like a normal person, I’m about 6 months pregnant. And wow, that was terrifying to even type. That's really very pregnant, isn’t it?

I’m sure you’re all wondering how I’ve been feeling (that seems to be the question I get most). So I'll tell you. I’ve been feeling much better recently. In the beginning I was so tired and coupled with the fact that I wanted to puke all of the time, it was not a pleasant situation. I guess some people react to wanting to puke all the time by not eating. This is not my preferred method of coping. In fact, I was dealing with my queasiness in the exact opposite way. Pretty much eating everything in sight. And pizza, lots and lots of pizza. But things have normalized. I’m still tired all the time (however, to be fair that’s also because I work too much) but the pukiness has gone way down. And I'm not eating all the things. Just some of them.

I’m excited, terrified, stressed, thrilled, anxious, emotional, overjoyed and about a million other emotions that change daily. The good news is I get to go through all of this madness with a guy I really like. And at the end of the day, I’m just really happy. And lucky.

Baby boy Fergland should arrive around July 31st and I cannot wait to meet the little guy. I guess it’s my destiny to be surrounded by stinky (but adorable) boys. But if you think about it that seems right, doesn’t it?