Five Things For Friday ///// 8.21.15

Last week we saw Old Crow Medicine Show and Willie Nelson play the closing show of Celebrate Brooklyn! our beloved summer-long outdoor concert series. We missed quite a few of the shows this summer due to honeymooning and such but I'm glad we got to see this one. And because I just can't say no to cool show art, we bought this print on the way out. It's now patiently waiting for a frame and a home. 

Did you know every single episode of Seinfeld is on Hulu. These certainly are glorious times we live in, my friends! Seinfeld is my all time #1 fave and over the years I've discovered it's scientifically impossible for me to ever get sick of it. Here's a fun game I like to play: pick a random season and a random episode and enjoy. Yesterday it was Season 6 episode 8 "The Mom & Pop Store" aka the one where George buys John Voight's LeBaron. 

This book because I'm reading it right now and have fallen in love within the first 30 pages. And it's not just the fact that I've always had a soft spot for memoirs about tragic southern childhoods. This Bragg character can writeI mean really WRITE. The kind of writing that makes you simultaneously jealous of how good it is and inspired to lock yourself away in a closet somewhere and spend like six hours writing yourself.

These sandals because they're brand new, super comfortable and even have a little bit of a heel. LIKE A REAL GROWN UP LADY.

Pamplemousse aka grapefruit La Croix because it's downright delicious . My mom's been drinking La Croix for years and it's the kind of thing I would always see in the fridges at the fancy editing places where we cut commercials but I've just recently started seeing La Croix in stores around here (thank you, Fairway!). A delightful development in my life and my fridge. p.s. this is old but fun. p.p.s. sometimes I mix La Croix with wine like an 80 year old woman.

Enjoy the weekend. It's the second to last one in August, you know. Don't ask me how that happened.