You've got mail

I've been experiencing what I've decided to call a perfect storm of wardrobe hatred. 1) I've gained a few lbs. 2) I just did a major wardrobe cleanse ala Marie Kondo - "does it bring you joy?" method so it's kind of slim pickins around my closet/dresser area. 3) I'm stuck in a rut because I always shop at the same stores and I need some new, fresh options. So there you have it. And I don't know about you, but the company Stitch Fix has been courting me for sometime now via their super aggressive Facebook marketing campaign. Because of that, the aforementioned wardrobe problems and the lovely idea of a box of five surprise items showing up on my doorstep, I decided to give it a try. And to document it here in case anyone else (my sis) was curious. 

Stitch Fix is an online shopping service where a personal stylist selects five items to send to you based on a your tastes, sizing, budget, etc. There's a $20 styling fee but it comes out of the total cost of whatever items you decide to keep so as long as you keep one thing it's no problem. I started by answering an online questionnaire about my style, how I like things to fit, and my budget. It was pretty in depth which is a good thing because the more your stylist knows, the better. I also linked a clothing pinterest board I have and I wrote a note to my stylist about what I was looking for (I specifically asked for tops). And then I waited.

The box arrived and I promptly tore into it. Well first I took a picture but then I tore into it. There was a note from my stylist.

Obviously, I tried everything on and took pictures because that is the responsible thing to do.

I returned one of the dresses (too Laura Ashley/7 year old's Easter dress, plus it wouldn't zip up), one of the tops (wasn't wild about the pattern and the fit wasn't great) and the earrings (just meh) so all told I ended up with a cute dress and top out of the deal. The $20 "styling fee" went toward the price so the total was about $120 for both. Not bad. In fact I've already received my second Stitch Fix (spoiler alert: I kept a pair of jeans (jeans!) and sent back two tops, a dress and a necklace) and my third one is on the way. Long story short: I'm sold!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? More importantly, do you want to?