Five Things For Friday ///// 7.17.15

1. All of the podcasts (StartUp, Mystery Show and Reply All) from Gimlet Media because I happen to find myself in a real podcast phase of my life and these are some of my recent faves.
2. I'm trying not to buy new books so I checked this book out from the library based on the fact that I loved another one of Meg Wolitzer's books (The Interestings) and this one did not disappoint. The same crafted storytelling and complex, relatable characters. It was a perfect sitting-by-the-pool-and/or-beach-in-Hawaii read.
3. These sandals because I recently got a pair and I haven't stopped wearing them. Never mind the fact that it makes me shoe twinsies with pretty much every kid under eight in Brooklyn.
4. This movie because ... I mean. Come on. 
5. This necklace because it's geo faceted! And that's fun to say. Also, on sale.