Five Things ///// 6.5.15

This lip pencil because it's the perfect summery pink (recommended to me by my friend, Lesley) and I dropped it in my sister's bag at one of the many wedding events last weekend because I had nowhere to put it and I (tragically) forgot to get it back from her. So she got a free one and I'll be tracking down a replacement this weekend.

This book because I haven't read it, it's on hold at the library and from what I've heard it seems like a fantastic contender for a honeymoon in Hawaii beach read. What do you think? 

BOSTON! Because I'm going to spending a lot of time there in the new future; I'm headed up on Monday for a new freelance project AND I have a wedding there in two weeks. Boston postcard found here

I got married a week ago. Much more to follow on the details of the event but for now just know it was the best weekend of my life and I'm still basking in the afterglow.

These sandals because I wore them to said wedding and not only was I super comfortable, I was able to kick it on the dance floor all night long. And I did.