The Bachelorette

Hey y'all. It's been a minute. What can I say? I've been busy working and planning a wedding.

Oh and did I mention I also had a bachelorette party? That's right, a week and a half ago I flew to Atlanta and then drove two hours north of the city to spend the weekend at my stepmom's lake house with some of my favorite ladies on the planet. You know, I've been to plenty of bachelorette parties in my time and they were usually pretty (very) drunken. Sometimes there was a limo. Sometimes there was a stripper. And there were always shots (shots!).  But let's be honest, I'm too old for that now. I still want to get tipsy but I want to do it sitting on a patio in comfy clothes with snacks nearby. All I wanted to do was relax and have fun with lovely ladies, so that was our game plan.  No makeup or expensive dinners or bar crawls or shots. Just five fabulous women joining me for some good food, good cocktails and good times. That is what the bachelorette party of a 36 year old looks like. I pretty much stayed in my pajamas the whole time. What more could a lady with a wedding looming in the future ask for? Oh I know. Penis cake.

Speaking of wedding... we are ten days out. I repeat. Ten. Days. Out. My freelance gig ended on Friday so now I have a full two weeks off leading up to this shindig which is fantastic news because I have a shit ton to do. Nothing big just all the little last minute things that when you add them all up actually take way too much of your time. 

The good news is no matter what I get done in the next week and a half, people ARE coming and there WILL be a party with booze and food. And that's a good feeling because instead of spending the next ten days stressing about all this last minute shit, I'm just excited.