To Facial or Not To Facial

Big news: I got a super, duper heavy duty facial on Tuesday. Like the two hour kind with that cost you an arm and a leg with microdermabrasion and everything. This is big news because I've probably had three facials in my entire life and none of those were in the last ten years. If I'm dropping cash on a spa treatment it's going to be a massage, pain and simple. In my mind those are worth every dang penny but a facial? I've never been so sure. But after my wedding makeup trial last weekend my makeup artist suggested getting a facial or two before the wedding. So I went for it and let me tell you, it wasn't cheap.  I got the Youth As We Know It Facial plus Microdermabrasion from Bliss. 

The weird part about facials I have always struggled with is that you expect to look all dewy and glowing right afterwards but that's never what happens. I guess it's my need for instant gratification but it's always a but of a disappointment when my skin looks rough post-facial. This particular time,  my skin was all pink like I had a sunburn and on top of that there were scabs all over from the extractions a.k.a. the serious and very painful under-the-skin zit popping. I didn't look great. Luckily, it's New York City so no one batted an eye on the subway ride home. 

A few of the scabs are still healing but my skin feels smoother. I'm still waiting for the dewy glow. I'll let you know what it shows up. Tell me, do you get facials? Some people swear by them but I'm not so sure.