Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Treasure Hunt

Guess what? I have seven bridesmaids. Is that a lot? Maybe but it probably shouldn't surprise you seeing as I was Maid of Honor five times. And ever since I can remember I always knew that if/when I got married I wouldn't pick a single dress for the whole gang to wear but rather a color. So I did. I told them pick a short, black dress. That's it. I love the idea of everyone wearing something different and uniquely them. I love the idea of a variety of necklines, silhouettes and fabrics. I think showcasing everyone's individuality looks awesome. After all, it's hard to find a dress that's universally flattering on everybody's body (and p.s. I have a pregnant bridesmaid).  This way, each lady can choose the dress she feels best in and what's more plentiful then LBDs? These are some of my favorite women ON THE PLANET! I want them to feel beautiful, comfortable and happy.

And then I want them to make a dance circle around me while Whitney Houston plays.

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