Meet Wooly

A friend of mine introduced me to this intriguing new company that his brother started. Meet Wooly. Besides being impeccably designed, the concept of this company is totally unique. Here's a description from their website,

"Wooly finds uncommon objects and offers them for sale. Only one of each. Whoever raises their hand first, gets it. We scour the world for extraordinary things you may never see, in places you may never look. Beautiful things. Funny, strange things. Things with great stories to tell." 

Every week a new one-of-a-kind item is unveiled. And so far each item has been obscure and random but something you'd totally want to have. Join the mailing list and be sure to follow them on instagram so you can stay keep updated on whatever the new unusual treasure of the week is. Impulse buyers, you've been warned.

All images from the wooly instagram feed