All The Spring Jackets

I am so sick of my winter coat I could murder someone. True story. It's so buuuuullky and I'm pretty sure it makes me look pregnant. I think a lady offered her seat to me on the subway the other day. I couldn't tell if she was just getting off the train or if she was doing the courteous thing and selflessly giving her seat to the pregnant lady/lady in the ridiculously bulky coat. I'm so ready to retire the stupid thing, I can't even tell you. And Of course. Of course there's snow in the forecast for Friday. I told you winter likes to drop one final turd before it's final exit. And the fact that it's the first official day of spring is just an extra fuck you. 

So call it wishful thinking, but here's some really good looking spring coats. You know the kind that don't make you look like you're with child. And here's to hoping it's almost actually time to wear them.

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