Meet Bruce

Guess what? We got a dog!

I found him through a rescue called See Spot Rescued. It was started by a woman who I met through working when she told me she had founded a rescue I started following them on Facebook thinking maybe the perfect pooch would pop up. Matt and I have been talking about getting a pit bull mix so when this dog, named Bruce Wayne, popped in my Facebook feed I sent him to Matt and we decided to follow up. I was in LA at the time and when I emailed for information they asked that you wait until you are absolutely ready to adopt and not ask them to hold a dog. So, not wanting to be that person, I didn't apply. The very next day I saw a picture of Bruce Wayne posted on Lena Dunham's Instagram trying to help find a home for him. The post had like 13,000 likes and I thought "well, thats the end of that he's definitely getting adopted now."  A few days later when I was about to head home I emailed on a whim, you know just in case. And guess what? Bruce Wayne was still available. 

An application was filled out. References we called. And before you know it, we were approved and going to Jersey City to meet him. We had an amazing first meeting. He was sweet and smart and super loving and we knew we wanted him to come live with us.

So we brought him home on Saturday. He's adjusting to life with us well and seems to like Brooklyn. He loves snoozing on the couch and he just wants to be where we are whenever possible. And we dropped the Wayne. So say hello to Bruce, the newest member of the #Fergland family.