Wedding Wednesday: Grub

In my opinion, food at a wedding isn't all that important. Looking back at past weddings I can't really remember anything specific about any of the food. As the awesome wedding guest I pride myself I being, I tend to focus on the booze and the dancing. The important things. But as food enthusiasts, we still wanted to something tasty and something that reflected us. So it really wasn't much of a discussion. It could be barbecue or fried chicken or both. You see, barbecue is like our spirit animal (if a food group can be a spirit animal) and the causal, southern vibe not only fits us and our entire outlook on life but it also makes sense for the kind of fun, festive, low key soiree we want our wedding to be. Fried chicken was also on the table because 1) Matt really, really loves it, 2) I have brain cells and taste buds and I also enjoy this delicious food group and 3) it has a lot of that same inherent casual, southern-ness as barbecue.

So we started researching and getting bids and meeting with potential caterers. Brooklyn Betty was nice but a little too traditional for us. Pies-n-Thighs' chicken was off the chain but the pulled pork and biscuits were disappointing.

And then we went to Brisketown (a.k.a. Delaney Barbecue)

We walked into the Williamsburg bbq joint not knowing what to expect. We'd never tried Brisketown and though their website was promising we knew we needed to taste the food first. We were served an entire tasting four meats and five sides plus three different types of pie. Everything was utterly delicious. Each of the meats (brisket, pulled pork, pork spare ribs and sausage) were tender, flavorful and perfectly cooked. The sides consisted of collards, mac and cheese, beans, coleslaw, potato salad and a wedge salad. All were tasty. The plate of pie might have been my favorite part: chocolate chess, apple and sweet potato. Each bite more divine than the last.

Did I mention I was just the tiniest bit hungover that night? It was that kind of hangover where you feel a little tired and meh but most of all you're just ridiculously starving. Like stomach is an abyss and you can eat and eat and eat and still eat some more. So it was made even more tasty and amazing by that little added factor.

We walked out of the restaurant, in to the freezing cold and as Matt hailed a cab he turned to me and said "well, that's settled." And I smiled in agreement. And we recounted the entire delectable meal, course by course, on the cab ride home.

So it's settled. On our wedding day we'll eat barbecue, my friends. Lots and lots of barbecue. Only order of business left is to fight about which meats and sides we'll serve. Now that I think about it, we might need to go back and try everything all over again to make our final decision. You know, just to be sure.