Not in Florida

Guess what? I'm supposed to be in Florida right now. I'm actually supposed to be going to Braves spring training game in like an hour. But, I'm not. I got a freelance gig and had to cancel my trip. So, I'm rolling with it. I'm becoming one with the fact that it's 23 degrees out. I've decided to be okay with it because we're nearing the end, we're rounding third, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. After all, we're changing clocks this weekend. Yes my friends, this ridiculous winter will indeed end at some point in the future. That is a fact. And until then, I'll try and marvel at the fact that the snow can still be pretty sometimes. I'll take pleasure in cozy nights at home when I put on my PJs at 7pm and make a big pots of something delicious. I'll stay in at night and shamelessly catch up on lots (and lots) of TV. I'll try and motivate myself to work out because spring (and a certain wedding) is just around the corner. Speaking of wedding... I said yes to the dress. And it's perfect. Of course I can't show you yet but just trust me. You're going to love it.

Now for the love of god will you please have a fantastic (and cozy) weekend?! I'd really appreciate it.