Whole30: The End

Well, I did it. I finished up my first Whole30 on Sunday February 2nd. I was traveling for the last two days of it which included a baby shower with the most ridiculous spread of non-Whole30 complaint foods ever. We're talking mimosa bar, chicken and waffles, pimento cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese and little mugs full of red velvet cake. Torture. BUT I prevailed! I had come so far falling apart on the last day simply wasn't an option. That would have been pathetic.

SO, HOW DID IT GO? Overall, I enjoyed the Whole30. I felt great! How could you not when everything you're eating is good for you, wholesome, high quality food? That part was a no brainer. I followed the eating plan with relative ease. I didn't find myself missing any foods that much except for two times when I found myself face to face with them. Out to dinner one night the couple next to us got queso and chips and I felt so jealous. And going to the movies and not getting popcorn was downright painful. But when I was at home, I did fine. I cooked (A LOT) more than I have in years (maybe ever?) and I feel like by the end of it, things were running quite smoothly. I really loved putting a focus on high quality, whole, clean foods and I enjoyed cooking at home. The fact is the food I can make at home is not only healthier and cheaper but also much, much tastier! I still thought about food a lot (I think I always will) but my focus was on making sure I got a healthy combo of protein, fat and vegetables at each and every meal.

WHAT HAPPENED? Because I was going to be out of town, I cheated and weighed myself the day before I left (you're supposed to wait until the very end). I lost 9 pounds. Which is fabulous but more than the actual pounds lost (so easy to get caught up in those) my pants are fitting better and I feel less puffy overall.

My sleep never improved that much which was a bummer but my hopes for that area may have been a bit unrealistic. I'm still working on getting all that figured out. My skin got better and I felt fewer aches and pains in my joints.

Towards the end I was eating a lot of fat. All good fat of course, but sometimes it felt like too much fat. I'm not sure if that's because we've all been trained to stay away from fat or if maybe I was eating too much. I would like to lose more weight and continue to tone up (I have a wedding in the near future after all) so I want to be mindful of that.

I also never quite got my snacking totally under control. There were times when I did well, only eating at meal time, but there were a few times when I hit the jar of sun butter with a spoon. Which is never good. It's hard to figure out if you're eating because you're hungry or for another reason (bored, stressed, tired, etc.) I need to continue to work on this. Cutting out snacks is one way to do that. And another thing I learned is this: I shouldn't eat in front of the TV or the laptop. It makes it way too easy to mindlessly eat too much.

WHAT'S NEXT? Now that I'm officially finished with my Whole30 I'm pondering how to move forward. Since ending I have incorporated dairy with no problems. I was at my mom's last week so I was binge eating chocolate (whoops, damn that woman and her constant supply of candy and snacks). I've had popcorn twice and last night I had a sandwich AND fries. I still haven't had a drink, though.

I think a Whole30-ish plan makes sense for me. No sugar. No grains. But some dairy and occasional booze is okay. I mean, a little booze never hurt anybody right?

And now that I've gone on way too long about this, here's two particularly pretty meals from the end of my Whole30. And tell me, would you consider doing a Whole30? If you've done one, how did it go?

oldsweetsong_whole30meals03Breakfast: sautéed sweet potato, onion and spinach with a fried egg on top Dinner: Wild Salmon in Parchment with Olives, Fennel, and Lemon from A Good Food Day.