What's Cooking

Cookbooks are such guilty pleasure of mine. They're expensive and I always have the highest of hopes but more often than not, they end up just sitting on a shelf un-used. It's actually pretty rare that I find myself really using a cookbook a lot. (but recently, thesetwo) And the problem is you never know if any particular cookbook is going to become part of your routine until you plunk down the cash and bring it home. Sometimes the most promising cookbooks end up being duds in real life. But yet, I continue to covet them. I continue to believe that maybe this is the next one that I'll fall in love with. I don't know, there is so much promise in a cookbook. So many unknown delicious things to make and love (and EAT). I'm sucker for that. And though I'm a food blog fiend, nothing beats flipping through an actual book with big, beautiful photos.

So feast your eyes on the cookbooks I am (heroically) not buying with Amazon 1-click ordering.

And tell me are you hopelessly in love with cookbooks, too?