Wedding Wednesdays: The Honeymoon(ers)

We are planing a wedding. In fact, it's kind of all I do. But we're also starting to plan what comes after the wedding: our honeymoon. What's more fun than that?! I've always thought leaving directly after the wedding for your honeymoon seemed like a bad idea. It's almost too much excitement all at once for this gal. I like the idea of honeymooning a few weeks after the wedding if only to avoid blowing our proverbial fun wad. I'd like to come down from all the wedding excitement and then head somewhere awesome, rested and ready for fun.

But the question is: where in the heck (on this big blue marble of ours) should we go? Too many options. Brain overloaded.

Here's some vital info: - We'll be traveling in June or July - We hope to go for around two weeks - We'd like beach-y but with some exploration/activity involved. Meaning: we don't want to go and be trapped for two weeks at a resort. We might like to spend a couple days at a resort but ideally we'd want to move locations and try something else also. - Good food because we really enjoy putting it into our mouths

Kauai is a front runner due to the trifecta of beaches, exploring/outdoor activities and food. But we are open to anything. Also in contention: British Virgin Islands, Bali, Thailand, Greece and whatever fantastic ideas you have that haven't even dawned on us.

So. Where would you want to go? Or where did you go? Did you love it? What would you do differently?

Bestow upon me your brilliance my internet friends.