The Best Part of the Oscars

Big surprise the best part of the Oscars wasn't all the inappropriate face touching (courtesy of John Travolta), the awkward mom/daughter tension between Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson on the red carpet or Terrence Howard's super uncomfie moment in the spotlight. It wasn't even the excitement that the 2015 The Old Sweet Song Oscar Pool added to the evening (congratulations to my aunt who won for the second time in a row!). The speeches were great and uplifting. Suicide, an issue particularly close to my heart, was mentioned twice. And Jennifer Aniston looked amazing.

But, if you ask this art director, the best part of the Oscars was the design of the title cards that announced the categories and the nominees. They were smart and simple and elegant which is usually the sweet spot of amazing graphic design. Artfully crafted by Henry Hobson, they really stood out from what was otherwise a fairly MEH show.

I'm a sucker for any still life scenes shot from above so the Production Design sequence was appealing to me.

(images source)

And the title sequence of Best Picture Nominees was wonderfully designed as well. These are better than the actual movie posters.