Inspiration Folder: Transparent

I was sick a few weeks ago and therefore was couch bound all weekend. While nursing myself back to health, I watched a disturbing amount of TV. One of the many things I watched was the show Transparent. Have you seen it? I was curious after it won the Golden Globe for best tv series comedy (but of trivia: it's the first online series to win a best series Golden Globe drama or comedy). Looking for something new to sink my teeth into I decided to check it out during My Great/Sick Weekend of Televison. Spoiler alert: I watched the entire season back to back in one sitting. It is truly a fantastic show. The subject matter, a father with three grown children who identifies as a woman, is fascinating and complex. The characters are well-written and messy. The cast (Jeffrey Tambor, Judith Light and Gabby Hoffman to name a few) is perfect. And I don't know about you but I love nothing more than having a whole season of one show to watch. Greedily binging on delicious entertainment is the perfect sickness activity. Anyways, just watch it and thank me later.