Five Things ///// 2.27.15

Happy Weekend, friends. Here's five things for you. xo
-Exciting news my mom and sis are flying up here today so we can wedding dress shop all weekend. I hope I find a purdy one. Spoiler alert: it will be nothing like that dress.
-Grapefruit because it's all I want to eat these days (I would make broiled grapefruit if they ever hung around long enough).
-All the bourbon cocktails because they're tasty and because bourbon.
-This guy. Because between wedding planning and honeymoon planning and what-are-we-going-to-put-on-the-registry conversations the fact is we're get married in almost two months. Which is fantastic. And also insane. But mostly fantastic. (and maybe a tiny bit terrifying?)
-I drink a lot of coffee and my Nespresso has faithfully aided in my dependency. Bonus: it came with a milk frother which I am quite fond of.