Whole30: 25 Days In

It's the 25th Day of my Whole30. Crazy. While the first week felt long and slow, time really started to fly after that. I think my body started to get used to being deprived of sugar/grains and I feel more confident about what to buy, cook and eat. The Good: -I feel good! I'm still eating lots of healthy, high-quality food and it's all very tasty. I'm still cooking lots and lots to create meals based only around protein, vegetables and fat. And with ingredients like lots of avocado and homemade mayo it's hard to feel like you're depriving yourself. -I've always been a snacker so I'm trying to eat enough at each meal so that I don't need one in-between. And it even works sometimes. -I haven't weighed myself (you're not supposed to until the end of your Whole30) but my jeans are definitely fitting better. -Someone said my skin looked good. -I think I have more energy and I'm hardly craving grains or sugar. An old fashioned sounds pretty good though. Also, I made these carmelized coconut chips and my life has been changed. They are ridiculously good.

The Bad: -My sleep hasn't improved as much as I wanted it to, which was probably my biggest hope for this month. Occasionally I sleep well and through the night (like last night, slept until 7am and didn't wake up!) but it's very inconsistent. -As I said I feel good but I don't feel out of the world amazing which is also kind of what I was hoping for. I've read about some people who feel like they're drinking tiger blood. No tiger blood for Amy. At least not yet.

Only 6 days left. Check back here for my complete Whole30 review after I finish, including a report on any weight loss and what I'll do next. And here's some more of the delicious food I've been eating.

oldsweetsong_whole30meals02 Lunch - salad with boiled eggs, walnuts, avocado and vegetables. Lunch - roasted butternut squash and turkey roll-ups. Dinner - mexican chicken soup with guacamole. Breakfast - fried egg, sautéed greens and bacon (sweet, sweet Whole30 approved bacon that I ordered online like a crazy). Breakfast - Scramble with sweet potato, spinach and onion. Dinner - buffalo chicken salad from Well Fed. Lunch - salad with chicken, whatever veg was in the fridge and coconut flakes. Breakfast - chicken with avocado and pico de galo. Lunch - Yet another salad with chicken and veg, this one had beets. Breakfast - Sweet potato, onion and spinach sautéed with chicken. Dinner - Pretty much the best taco salad ever; chicken, onion and peppers sautéed with taco seasonings on a salad of lettuce and vegetables. With a homemade spicy ranch (using that paleo mayo I've been making) and homemade plantain chips on top for some crunch. Lunch - Sweet potato soup with leftover chicken in it.