Just Relax

We're finally trying to hang a few things around the homestead. Including this "relax" print which I got years ago from Yeehaw press and has been with me in my last four apartments (including this one) and counting. We decided to hang this gem right by the front door above our coat hooks, encouraging people to hang up their outerwear and just chillax. But here's the thing. It's also just a wonderful life reminder. Especially for a couple of people who are trying to plan a wedding. I knew it would be expensive but I didn't quite grasp just how expensive. And it's easy to see how planning one of these things can totally take over your life. There are so many details, so many possibilities, the mind boggles.

But. It's one party on one day. And there's a whole life together after that. So I'm taking a cue from my yellow framed friend.

I'm trying to relax.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Anyways. Wedding shmedding! What's new with you?