Five Things ///// 1.30.2015

I meant to post this yesterday but it was kind of busy so I'm posting it on Saturday instead. So what, who cares? I'm off to Florida today for a favorite lady's baby shower and to help my mom scout beach properties. Exciting times all around. Although none more exciting than getting the eff away from this 26 degree windy hells cape.

Have a good one and stay warm!

These boots because I bought them a few weeks ago and am slowly incorporating them into my rotation.
This shirt from Stately Type because I got lost on their site and couldn't decide which shirt I loved best.
This Sturgill Simpson album because I've been in a music rut lately and this is starting to get me out of it.
This book because it's the first one I've ever read by Joyce Carol Oates. (Have you read much of her stuff?)
This shampoo/conditioner duo because it makes my hair feel ridiculously healthy. My hairdresser of eight years even commented on it and she's never done that before.