Goodbye pizza

So, it's official. I will be doing my first Whole 30 in January (I'll be starting the second to be exact). I've really slipped with my diet and I think a reset is just what I need. I'd like to lose weight, yes. But I'm also curious to see if it will effect my sleep and/or how I feel in general. Oh and I wouldn't mind if  it helped my skin either. I've read that it can effect all of these things and much more. I'm nervous but also excited. Of course, I still have 10 days left to live it up and I'm sure I'll be indulging a little more than normal because it's the holidays (pass the cookies/pie/cheeseplate please) and because I know what looms in the new year for your truly. Have you ever tried a Whole 30 or any elimination diet? Any advice?

p.s. I think I'll miss pizza most of all.


 Image from What's Gaby Cooking