Treasure Hunt: A Shower Curtain That's Also Art

I have mentioned the need for big ass art in our new apartment to you before. I find it hard to commit to something in this area so therefore I don't want to spend a billion dollars. Conundrum. Maybe I should DIY something?

Enter my friend and former Park Slope'r (I even have a wee crush on her), Erica Reitman. She posted 7 DIY art projects for big empty spaces on your wall over at the HGTV blog, Design Happens. One in particular stood out for me and that was using a shower curtain as art. (The project was originally posted on 6th Street Design School). I'm sold on the idea and Matt seems to be into it as well. Of course, the first question is where do we find a cool, shower curtain that we wouldn't mind hanging on our wall? I tried the usual suspects first; Anthro, West Elm, Urban Outfitters, etc. And nothing was really grabbing me. And then,... jackpot: Society6 makes shower curtains now. And now we have a whole new problem. How will we ever agree on one???

So begins The Great Shower Curtain As Wall Art Debate of 2014 (I'd like to say it will definitely be solved by 2015 but you never know). Oh and after we agree on one we have to actually make the thing. But my man is one handy dude and I will provide much needed moral support in the form of high fives and hugs.

So, I'd say we have plan of sorts. Now lets cut to the chase. Here are some shower curtains I wouldn't mind hanging on our wall.

 All shower curtains found on Society 6