Escape Brooklyn

I have a major crush on the blog Escape Brooklyn, if I were still doing blogger crushes you'd better believe these guys would be shoe ins. This blog, created and maintained by a creative Brooklyn couple, centers around... escaping Brooklyn. New York is such a huge, varried state but often we city folk get stuck in our city bubble and we rarely venture out. I'm as guilty of this as anybody. I've been upstate maybe three times in the past ten years. And Escape Brooklyn gives you all the good insider travel tips and info to make sneaking away easy and stress free. From the blog:

"In the great state of new york, we have beaches, mountains, inexpensive flea markets and farmers markets within two hours of Brooklyn. But how do you know where to go? How the hell do you get there, and once you’re there, what the hell do you do? Escape Brooklyn is committed to bringing you 100% non-boring and affordable vacations for those of us that live in the real world and need to get out of Brooklyn."

I love these folks! For their travel ideas and inspiration as well as for their stunning aesthetic. They curate an online shop, The Brew & Compass, which is flu of flea market-y treasures and vintage-y goodness. As you know, I have a small weakness for things of this nature. And did I mention the photography is stunning and they have a killer instagram feed, to boot.

I found these guys right around the time that we returned from our little jaunt to Cooperstown to celebrate my sister's birthday. It was the perfect getaway weekend and it got me thinking, we need to take advantage of how easy it is to get out of town via train (or even rental car) and do it more often.

Is there anything better than a quick weekend trip? These pics (all from the Escape Brooklyn blog) will have you craving a romantic, cozy fall getaway like nobody's bidness.

p.s. Beware their instagram feed, which will even further your desire for such an upstate voyage.

The Deer Mountain Inn, The Catskills Kaaterskill Falls Hudson, NY Spruceton Inn, Catskills