That Laugh

Photo by Armor and Martel

I love this picture. It was taken at a wedding a couple of weeks ago in Boston, and let's be honest candids are the best and this one is so, so good. One of the first things I loved about Matt was his laugh. He laughs loud and unabashedly and with his whole body. Being around it you can't help but laugh too, it's just so dang genuine. And he laughs a lot, too. Thank goodness.

We've been officially co-habitating for two months now. Everyone keeps asking "how is it going?" I vary up my answers. Good. Fun. Great. I mean it's not perfect, of course. Melding two lives and two sets of things and two whole people can be tricky business. And we don't always look like we do in that picture. Sometimes there are exasperated sighs and tense jaws and maybe even an eye roll or two.

But they aren't often. And we move on quickly. And generally we smile and joke and enjoy each other. Life is good for us right now. And he's also an amazing person and partner and I'm so glad I found him.

So there's that.

But that laugh, man. That laugh is good stuff.

p.s. That dress was $26 from Target. Also I did my own hair that night. p.p.s. I should get Matt a nice watch.