Meet Tammy

Guys, I want you to meet Tammy. She's a certified health coach and cookbook writer and she just happens to be one of my best friends. In addition to health coaching, she is getting ready to launch a new website, blog AND cookbook at the end of the year. Tammy is my go to resource for all questions on healthy living and thoughtful food choices. She's busy but she always has time to field my incessant questions that usually come out of nowhere via text message. For example: I've been at grocery store, paralyzed with indecision in the oil aisle and have texted Tam for help. I am insanely lucky to have her as a resource so I thought I would share the wealth here, with y'all. Welcome to "Ask Tammy," a new series of posts where I'll share not only all of the annoying questions I pester the poor lady with but also her thoughtful and thorough answers. And if you have any pressing questions regarding healthy living or responsible food choices or the like, send 'em my way. This is a lady who knows her shit. So without further ado...

oldsweetsong_asktammyA: Hi Tammy! How many eggs is okay to eat a day?

T: Assuming we're talking organic and, ideally, pasture-raised eggs, up to 3/day is totally fine. Scientific studies haven't been done with more than 3 eggs/day, so while it may be fine to have more, that's my recommended limit. This is totally different than the old dietary guidelines that said 3/ we know eggs don't impact cholesterol levels in most people (and aren't linked to heart disease), so no reason to not have them daily. Especially with all the B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D and protein. Supermarket eggs = sad face. Those are higher in the inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, which most of us already have too much of in our diets.

6a00e55015ee528833019affdbf05b970dImage Credit: The Bitten Word

Lastly, I must recommend Tammy's newsletter. It comes out about once a month and is Tammy's concise take on a single topic regarding healthful life choices. Recent topics include: "Packaged Foods That Don't Suck," Green Smoothies and a personal fave of mine, 3 no cook sauces to save your boring bowl of quinoa. You should probably also follow Tammy on twitter as I see big things in her future. Not too big though, I still need her to respond to my random texts sent from the grocery store.