A Cooperstown Weekend

About a month ago, for my little sis' birthday we made a little jaunt to Cooperstown, NY. It was about two hours on the train and then another two in a rental car. The general purpose of the trip (besides making jokes together and eating a lot) was to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame which I highly recommend. But we were pleasantly surprised by how charming Cooperstown was. Our B&B was adorable and only a block or two from the main street where all of the action was. And by all of the action I mean a strip of bars, restaurants, baseball memorabilia shops and an old fashioned candy shop where I purchased my weight in fudge. Obviously. The weather was gorgie and I was quite fond of the company. It was the perfect weekend away. Here are some of the highlights.

The Ommegang Brewery was the first place we went upon arrival. We didn't even stop at the hotel we drove straight to the brewery. Priorities. It was a beautiful place to sit and sip beer and eat a million frites with extra dipping sauces. Which is exactly what we did.

The Hall of Fame is biggest draw of Cooperstown. It did not disappoint. Can't you tell by the kind of serious face I am making here? The Hall of Fame is no joke, guys. You can smile but keep it respectful like I did.

Of course special attention was paid to any and all Braves paraphernalia.


Cooperstown sits on the edge of Otsego Lake which is incredibly picturesque. It's kind of stupid actually.

But there ain't nothing stupid about a giant bloody mary in a glass shaped like a cowboy boot. That's pretty much the opposite of stupid. Note also: my new Brooklyn Dodgers cap procured at the Hall of Fame gift shop.

My beloved travel companions. I'm sorry you can't take trips with these people. It is always a real fun time.