Toronto Made Me Fat

Blame Canada! I blame you for all the poutine and the beer (my god, the beer!) and the cheese plates and the pizza with figs on it and the bbq restaurant that was so stupidly delicious and the Montreal style bagels and then some more beer for good measure and Momofuko and the make your own ice cream sandwiches and ...

When visiting a new city it is important to eat and drink your way through said city with reckless abandon. So that's exactly what I did. But I am left with a feeling that it's time to start paying a little bit more attention to health and weight loss. I've let thing slip and I need to get back on the road to normalcy after this particularly decadent weekend.

Oh who am I kidding? It's been a decadent summer. And aren't those the very best kind?

What are your tricks for getting back on the healthy side of life? Let me guess, it does not involve a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream pressed betwixt two freshly baked cookies (one oatmeal raisin cookie and one "everything," if you must know. And you must. And also promise me you will visit Bang Bang if you're ever in Toronto. It's of the utmost importance.)