These Days

It's relatively quiet around here these days. Work has been slow. I'm getting over a cold. Really exciting stuff. It's safe to say the last few gasps of summer have come and gone and we're slowly getting settled into our new place. Speaking of, a favorite internet pal pointed out my use of the word "our" on a recent instagram I posted of a pot rack in "our" kitchen. It made me smile. It's funny how quickly it's become "our" everything. Our new media center that's due to arrive this Thursday. Our ongoing discussion of where to put the floral chair. Our first overnight guest. Our decision to make Taco Tuesdays a thing around here. Our.

It's a good word, isn't it?

On a semi-related note (and by semi I mean not at all); I enjoy taking stupid pictures of myself so very much. It's important work, guys. And somebody's got to it.