The Urban Remedy Metabolism Kit: Review

Last week in the hubbub of packing and moving and all that ridiculousness, I also completed the Urban Remedy Metabolism Kit, a mail order wellness kit that includes all food and drink for a full three days. I'm trying to lose some weight so when the folks at Urban Remedy reached out to me and offered to send me a cleanse or kit to try and review, I figured it might help me jumpstart things. I am not a cleanse fan. I love a green vegetable juice but have always seen it as an extra bonus of nutrition to add to a normal diet. What can I say? Not only do I like to eat I also think the body needs actual food to function properly and juice cleanses have never figured into that. (My friend Tammy Walker, a certified health coach, just wrote about juice cleanses). Urban Remedy does seem like a great company though and I was intrigued by the Metabolism Kit.

A big box arrived Tuesday night so I was ready to start Wednesday morning. The box was packed full of three days worth of nutritious foods and drinks. Here's a day on the Metabolism Kit:

Breakfast: Green Berry Juice - A thick juice, more like a smoothie. Fruit and veggie based with chia and flax added. I loved how sweet, fruity and filling it was. Perfect morning drink. Diet Spike - A "Boost" that's added to water. Urban Remedy makes lots of varieties. The Diet Spike contains Green tea extract, resveratrol in a base of probiotics, organic alcohol and purified water. You can chug it right from the jar or pour it into a small glass of water. It did not taste good but was supposed to speed up calorie and fat calorie burning.

Morning Snack: No Oatmeal Cookies - These were the bomb. Nutty and sweet. Only problem was I wanted lots more. Tea - An herbal blend, tasted fine to me.

Lunch: Spring Roll - Reminded me of a summer roll, it was pretty good. Came with a tasty dipping sauce. But didn't seem like enough of a lunch for this big eater. Time Machine - A very tangy lemonade of acai, fresh lemon juice, cayenne, ionized water and stevia. It's high in antioxidants and promotes weight loss and anti-aging. I could take it or leave it. Diet Spike

Afternoon Snack: Apple Tea Diet Spike

Dinner: Zen Salad - A delicious salad of kale, napa cabbage, almonds, cilantro, carrots, and sesame seeds with a cilantro sesame dressing. I loved this salad! But it could have been a bit bigger, in my humble and hungry opinion.Glow - A tasty green juice.

- The Overall Dilly - I would definitely recommend the Metabolism Kit if you're looking for a quick reboot or jumpstart to healthy eating. I lost 3 pounds and it did help me reset mentally for healthy, mindful eating. I would call it a success. Of course there were a few drawbacks. I was hungry (even hangry), a lot of the time. I've never been much for following rules, so I cheated. Every single day. (Day: I had an extra apple, a pear and a couple of baby carrots. Day 2: Handful of walnuts, small order of steamed veggies, extra apple. Day 3: Spinach salad with avo and a hard billed egg.) The kit instructions said no coffee or caffeine so the first day and a half I complied and I had a major headache. So I cheated. Again. On both Day 2 and Day 3 I had an almond milk iced latte. I am a coffee enthusiast and I don't see any problem with my daily cup or two.

My only other complaint is that the apples that came in the kit were very bruised so I had to replace them. Otherwise, I would give the kit and the company high remarks. I think it's the perfect thing to jumpstart a healthy change or a reset after a particularly indulgent weekend (i.e, Me in Atlanta RIGHT NOW).

Now tell me: have you tried a cleanse or a kit like this ever? Would you?