I'm an Airbnb Convert

Our fantastic weekend in Toronto marked our inaugural airbnb stay. Being a first timer, I was nervous. I think a bad place to stay can ruin an otherwise good time and of course I do love a nice hotel. But their a certain trips when the thought of staying in an actual home is appealing. You can get to know a city in a different way. It's also much cheaper so more moneys to spend on dining out, drinks, tickets, and the like. We got super lucky on our first go 'round. The apartment we rented was so effing charming! I loved the actual place and the decor. The location was perfect, too. The cute neighborhood of Bellwoods as opposed to a more touristy area like downtown. Sure we still visited all the touristy spots, but it was nice to come home to something a little warmer. Of course, there are some trips when you need a hotel and room service and a cleaning lady and all that indulgent stuff. The relaxing/laying around trips call for that. And don't get me wrong, those are some of my favorite kind of trips. But a short weekend of exploring in a new city is the perfect airbnb situation.

So I'm sold on this whole airbnb thing. Quasi-pretending you actually live in another city for a little bit is the perfect way to get to know a new place.