The Art of Picking Paint

T-minus 5 hours until closing. FYI. And with that comes all the things you do when you do this crazy moving thing. Pack up all of your shit. Find movers. Alert buildings/coop boards/management companies. Hire a painter. Etc. We're currently in the throes of choosing paint colors which has proven a bit tricky. Within three minutes of our first trip to the hardware store we learned that when it comes to paint we don't have similar tastes. At all. In fact they're quite different. But we're trying, we're compromising. And we're close. Much closer then we were after that tense walk home post our first trip to the paint chip wall.

Picking paint colors is hard enough when it's just me and my indecisiveness . But now, there's a whole other person and it turns out he has opinions too. The nerve.

But we'll get there. And it'll be all good. And if it's not Matt keeps reminding me that we'll repaint. And that's when I remind myself that we're about to OWN this effing place. We can paint it six hundred times if we want to.