Five Things for Friday ///// 8.8.14

ALL THE MOVING BOXES because we went ahead and moved all of Matt's stuff into my (tiny) current apartment while we wait to move to the new (much bigger) apartment. Things are a little cozy around here hopefully we don't murder each other.

This dress because it wouldn't be a week in my life if I didn't buy a dress. This one is comfy, casual and universally flattering. Also: stripes!

This movie because we saw it on Wednesday and highly recommend it. The boy reminded me a little of my nephew.

This logo I designed because Old Sweet Song needed a makeover. And it was implemented this week by my friend Brandi. Not only is she my go to wordpress whiz but she also gave me an extra ticket to Sleep No More. Long story short, awesome lady.

This city (Toronto) because we just booked a weekend trip there for September. Recommendations needed. The only things on the docket so far are a Blue Jays game and poutine.

Alright that's all for me. I'm off to the beach for the day and then I'll be enjoying a good old fashioned summer weekend in Brooklyn. Ain't got no complaints. Have a good one dudes.

xo Amy