Almost Buying an Apartment

I am closing on an apartment ... This. Thursday. Gulp. That's in three days. I'm still in disbelief. None of it seems real. Closing on apartments is something grown ups do. Matt and I decided to move in together last year sometime. It was pretty obvious where things were headed, and in the progression of our relationship, cohabitation seemed like the next logical step. I have been thinking about buying something for a few years but every time I started the search in the past I would become immediately overwhelmed and decide the time wasn't right. I'd go to open houses but I couldn't bring myself to do anything after. But this time it was different. This time around I had a partner in crime who was knowledgable, patient and willing to listen to all my worries and woes. With Matt by my side I finally felt like maybe I could handle the responsibility of homeownership. He rarely gets overwhelmed, he's incredibly handy(!) and level headed. Suddenly taking on the NYC real estate market didn't seem quiet so scary. It's amazing how do-able things become when you've found your teammate.

I had a pipe dream of buying an entire brownstone. I figured we would rent a part or parts of it to help pay for the mortgage and once it was paid off we'd own the entire thing. Makes total sense, right? Well, not exactly. To find anything even remotely close to our price range we had to look way out in Brooklyn sacrificing some of the things that I love so much about living here; proximity to the city and to Prospect Park and to cute coffee shops, bars and restaurants. A big part of the reason I choose to live here is being able to get anywhere with public transportation and/or walking. The farther out we went the less I felt like I was in New York City. I need to be close to the action, and I'm just not ready to give that up yet.

So we changed our search. We started looking for a two bedroom apartment closer to the city. We wanted to be in a fun neighborhood and I wanted to be close to the park or some place where I could run. I think a place to be outside, especially in New York, is crucial to happiness. I know it's one of my happy things. So we spent most Sundays going to open houses. You would be amazed (disturbed) at how expensive everything is and how quickly it gets snapped up. We learned that you needed to be able to act fast and as my broker said, "come out with guns blazing." Meaning, the market in Brooklyn is so competitive right now that places are going for 10% OVER asking price. And most folks put 30% down. It's crazy town.

After two rejected offers, one finally stuck. I guess it's true what they say about the third time being a charm.

We'll move in August 22. I cannot wait. Here's some pictures from the listing, better ones coming soon.

Living room

Kitchen (Not pictured: a washer/dryer!)

Master bedroom, second bedroom, bathroom and hallway

Building exterior, shared private courtyard