Five Things for Friday ///// 7.18.2014

This state because it's where I come from and my man and I snuck away for a quick vacay this week and weekend to see my fam, and my friends who are like fam, to swim in various bodies of water, to eat and drink delicious things, to take in a Braves game and just enjoy the wonder that is a Georgia summer.
This tshirt because I finally found my t-shirt soulmate.
This book because I just finished it (only one short year after everybody else) and I thought it was a-perfect-can't-put-it-down-summer-read.
This show because it's weird and dark and on HBO and I'll pretty much watch anything they tell me to. Plus I MUST KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON.
This dress because I call it my Fiesta Forever dress. And it's a little bit 80s. And it's perfect for drinking on hot summer nights.

Happy Friday from Georgia, kids. Get into some trouble this weekend.