Treasure Hunt: A Floral One Piece

It's that time, my friends. Bathing suit season LOOMS in the not so distant future. It's a double edged sword, of course. As a person who loves to swim and who should have probably been born a fish, I'm ecstatic. But as a not so wee lady with some hefty thighs (and butt and belly), I dislike the idea of prancing about almost naked. But at my old age, you start to forgive those imperfections (no matter how large and in charge) and just own that shit. So why not own it in a festive floral pattern?! So, to review: this treasure hunt is for yours truly, I'm looking for a fun, colorful floral one piece. And nothing too crazy 'spensie either. It's a bathing suit people. It should stay right around $100 (or less!) because much more than that is verging into coo coo territory if you ask me.

And by the way, Happy Monday. Did you have marvelous weekends?

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