Five Things ///// 4.4.2014

-Have you tried Crabbie's alcoholic ginger beer? It's an amazing drink. And also a very, very, very dangerous one. Try it in a dark and stormy.
-Baseball is back!!! Isn't it the best? And oh how I've missed my beloved Atlanta Braves. Can't wait to see them at Citi Field in a few weeks.
-My sis has been telling me for forever that Pitch Perfect was the best move ever. I finally watched it last night. And guess what? She was right.
-How cute are my new Nikes?
-It's been a long times since I've fallen in love with a new band. And I need one, ASAP. The Amazing might just snap me out of my rut. I recommend starting with this song.

Any big plans for the weekend? We'll be picking up our bikes from the shop tomorrow and hopefully there's a nice long following that. Riding bikes! Now that's a true sign of Spring. I also have a 4 mile race on Sunday. It's my first one in awhile so it's sure to hurt but that's another sign of Spring, ain't it? Well, all signs point to warm things ahead. And thank goodness for that.

Happy Friday, friends! xo