Five for Friday ///// 4.11.2014

  1. - I'm fond of this sweet ring from Soft Gold Studio. But are the killer yellow nails for sale also?
  2. THIS is a great, quick read that I'm really enjoying. What are you reading?
  3. - I love my new Bobbi Brown art stick. It's like a giant crayon that's also a lipstick that stays put for hours.
  4. - I just discovered dried mango! Sort of wish I hadn't because I want to eat it all the time now.
  5. - I've been working from home this week therefore giving me some extra time to go for a run or take walk around the neighborhood and let me tell you there ain't nothing wrong with Brooklyn in spring. Not to toot my own horn but moving here was a pretty thing to do. In fact, it's been a whole year of me and Brooklyn. I should probably get a t-shirt to celebrate huh?

It's warm. It's Friday and I know there's a cocktail or two in my future. Enjoy the weekend! xo