Dressing Up


I don't remember when exactly I started making my own salad dressing, maybe five or six years. I don't miss bottled AT ALL. In fact I forget they even exist. Making your own is so much better for you and it tastes way more delicious, too. And it's so stupidly easy. I rarely ever use a recipe and instead opt for making it up on the fly and shaking it all in an old glass jar. I am never disappointed. For example in the jar pictured above I mixed some olive oil, fresh lemon juice, red wine vinegar, chopped scallion, salt, pepper and a dollop of sour cream for kicks. And the result was amazing a delectable topper to my kale salad with walnuts, edamame and pomegranate seeds.

I understand not everyone likes to mix some random items together and hope it works and we can all use some recipe inspiration, even me . So here's a couple tasty looking numbers that caught my eye. You'll be so happy you have a jar of homemade dressing in the fridge. Suddenly gene boring lettuce is made a little more exciting.

Here's to never buying pre-made dressing again.