Being on The Tonight Show

I write to you from my sick bed. I'm feeling bad and my sole purpose in life right now is to get better over the next three days because I have a very distinguished sister visitor coming for the weekend. However, I'm not so sick that I can't share this exciting news: Matt and I were on The Tonight Show! We saw a taping yesterday and we're fully 100% visible during one of the segments. My sister and I were actually on Jimmy's Facebook page at the exact same time trying to get tickets for her visit but they were all gone. Like the hero that she is she managed to snag two for yesterday (thanks sis!) so Matt and I happily paid 30 Rock a visit. It was only the 17th episode which made me feel like we were a part of history. Maybe we'll tell our kids that someday. Billy Eichner was the highlight! The other guests were Tyler Perry and latin pop sensation Juanes. Sad trombone. Matt was pretty bummed that Jimmy didn't ever take a second to address or thank the audience which he said both Jon Stewart and David Letterman do. And when I saw Conan he also came out and talked to the audience. Surprising, because of all those guys doesn't it seem like something Jimmy would definitely do?

Oh whatever, we were on TV! Also The Roots!

Watch the whole segment here