Treasure Hunt : A Polka Dot Dress for My Sis

First of all thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your thoughtful responses to my survey. You've given me so much to think about as I continue to decide where to take Old Sweet Song and I'm forever grateful. (Congratulations to my fellow Brooklynite Barbara! Who will soon be the winner of a package from me full of wonder and dreams!) Now onto business. I'm going to bringing back some old post series from the archives and this is one of them: Treasure Hunts. A Treasure Hunt is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: I scour the internets for a certain item and I share my findings here with you. The fun part is these aren't just my own selfish hunts. If any of you are searching for something (a cute toaster, an affordable leather jacket, a new wallet, whatever) let me know because I'd love to feature it here. It's kind of like doing pro-bono work as a personal shopper. Yes, this is my way of giving back. And that brings us to today's Treasure Hunt which is for my darling lil' sis. She's been invited to a wedding where the couple has requested everyone wear polka dots (how crazy and fun is that?!).

So here's what we're looking for: -Knee length (or shorter) polka dot dress -$150 (or under) -Size L or 12/14

Couple of side notes: -For those who don't know my sis a) I'm sorry and b) picture me but shorter. -One of the dresses is $158 but it was too cute not to include. Also, her favorite color is yellow.

Behold the findings.


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