Leaving New York

When you live in one place for almost ten years, especially a transient place like New York, you get used to seeing people leave. They come and go and come and go again. In fact, one of my very best friends just left. It was a tough one for me. Selfishly, I'm bummed about the gaping hole it left in my lady time social calendar. But like any good friend, I'm excited for this new chapter in her life. And, leaving New York can't be easy. I've never done it but I imagine if I do someday it will be incredibly hard. And I've found the perfect gift to bestow on those who are leaving this wonderful place: New-York-in-A-Bag.  It includes eight iconic landmarks and six cars made of sustainable wood. It's small enough to display on a desk or bookshelf. So even if someone you love leaves, they'll always have a little piece of New York* with them. *Subway rats and enormous piles of black grimy snow not included.