Good Morning

{image by Monica Shulman}

New York Magazine recently ran a lovely piece called The Everything Guide to the Early Morning about mornings in NYC.

"Take a look around you before the 9 a.m. rush, and you’ll find it’s a time when impossible things become plausible: You can hear yourself think, stride down vacant sidewalks, be smiled at by passersby, have an omelette by yourself. It’s a slice of day when the chaos of the city is smoothed out, hushed, faintly aglow."

{image by Brian Levin}

Isn't that just perfect? And I've found it to be true. When the city is still asleep and you're one of only a few who are out about it almost seems like a secret club. Only the early risers have membership. I would call myself a morning person. Although it wasn't always true, these days I like to get up and get moving. And I'm glad for it because early mornings in NYC are something special.

Are you a morning person?