The Dating Files: A Year In

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Well I'm happy to report that my man and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary this Saturday. That's right, a whole year. I oddly feel like it's been longer than that and I mean that in the best way possible. My life before he was a part of it seems like a very long time ago. Remember when he made a mix cd? And picked me up for our first couple of dates? Awwwww. Even then I knew that I had found one of the good ones (and on Okcupid of all places?!) I think it's safe to say that after a year you're not really even "dating" anymore, right?. You're just together. Sometimes it's hard not to want to rush trough all the next things, the steps, the stuff you do when you've found your person. And the truth is I have no idea what's next for us or when it will happen, but I know "together" is exactly what we are. And that's pretty great.

So with that, happy weekend to you. And happy anniversary to us. xo