All About Parks

I'm a self proclaimed Park Person. And in any city, parks play a really important role. And in New York City we really value our parks and greenspaces. And perhaps I'm biased but I would argue we've got some of the best ones in the world. I recently watched a fascinating show on the history and design of five of New York City's most well known parks called Treasures of New York: City Parks. It was really interesting and if you love parks as much as I do (nerd alert), I highly recommend it.

Central Park {image source}

Prospect Park {image source}

I always assumed it didn't get any better than Central Park. But now that I reside in Brooklyn I've got to admit that Prospect Park is truly something. It's a tough call, y'all.

Whether it's Central versus Prospect or another one altogether, tell me: what is your favorite park ever?