What To Buy For Me (In Case You Were Wondering)

So I lied. I said I was only doing one gift guide this year (this one) but  wouldn't you know it, I kinda got in a wishing for new stuff sort of mood. So I made an entirely different type of gift guide. A ridiculous, self-indulgent gift guide. I preset to you, a gift guide for yours truly. It's really a service for y'all since I know you've all been so stressed about what to get me. Now you can finally relax. You're welcome.



Pixie Pant in Leather Tuxedo Stripe
A cast iron skillet
Basic Tote in Gold
Moose Munch
Frankie Pump in Foil Dot
The 444 Nail Lacquer
The New York Times 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in The USA and Canada
A  pair of pearl studs
A new pair of Nike Air Pegasus'