The Girl Who Had Three Thanksgivings

I'll be spending actual Thanksgiving in Virginia with my man and his family and this is only the second Thanksgiving I've had without my mom ever. So obviously I'm flying home to Atlanta today, for some pre-Thanksgiving (and late birthday) celebrations with my hometown posse. Here's a quick breakdown of my epic 10 day Thanksgiving adventure. Friday: Arrive in Atlanta. Take my nephew to see Macklemore. Saturday: Run(ish) a 5k. Have a pre-Thanksgiving/Late birthday meal with family/friends at my mom's house. Sunday: Have yet another pre-Thanksgiving meal this time with my dad and step-mom and fam. Monday: I'll relax and work in ATL Tuesday: Fly to Richmond. Kiss my boyfriend. Wednesday & Thursday: Virginia with my man's family. Friday: Take the train to DC for a fun-filled weekend.

Phew. How's that for an action packed holiday?

I won't be required to do too much cooking for my second and third Thanksgivings. I"ll be providing back-up, clean-up, moral support, etc. But for pre-Thanksgiving at my mom's we're having 16 people and I'm in charge of cocktails (obviously), appetizers and a side. Here's  my game plan.


image credits -> clockwise from top left: old fashioned | french 75 |crackers | kale salad | dip

Cocktails:Old Fashioneds and French 75's Appetizers:Sweet Onion Crack Dip from White on Rice Couple and Siracha Maple Crackers from The Cookie Rookie Kale Salad: No recipe here, folks. I'm going rogue in an attempt to recreate the near perfect Kale and Quinoa Salad from The Ace Hotel Palm Springs.

Okay, enough about me. What are y'all making?