On Turning 35 (and not losing one's shit)

Last month when I was at Camp Mighty I identified five goals I'd like to accomplish over the next year. Perhaps the most pressing of these was this: Turn 35.  Not lose my shit.

Listen, I don't know why birthdays make some of us ladies emotional, but they do. And maybe it's nonsensical and silly but 35 feels like kind of a big deal. I have to check a whole new age bracket. I'm not with the young people in their twenties anymore. No, now I'm grouped with the fifty year-olds! I have no idea how that happened because I still feel like one of those young twenty year-olds. But the good news is this... I had a really wonderful birthday celebration that extended over several days and was the perfect reminder of how many awesome people I have in my life. One week ago I did turn 35. And I did not lose my shit. I was cool, calm and collected. I looked 35 square in the eyes and I said "bring it on, yo." Okay, I didn't really say "yo."


- Start mentally preparing 3-5 months out. Start saying your 35 long before you are. That way you can get used to the idea gradually. Also you can have a couple of mini-freakout leading up to the big day.

- Have a minimum of three separate birthday celebrations in your honor. Here are mine: 1) a surprise neighborhood bbq tasting tour planned by my man complete with cards at each stop. 2) a ladies only dinner with closest friends and plenty of margaritas 3) a proper birthday party with all my pals and a disturbing amount of old fashioneds 4) a pre-thanksgiving/late birthday dinner this weekend with my ATL gang

- Don't look 35. (This is slightly unfair since you don't get to determine your genes. I got lucky in this department. Thanks mom and dad!)

- Don't act 35. (See massive and soul crushing hangover following said old fashioneds)

- Be generally happy with where you are in your life. Truthfully, forget everything else I said. We all know this is the only one that matters. I'm a lucky lady with a wonderful life. (and pretty good hair and a nice boot collection). Things are looking pretttttty, prettttty good 'round here. Alright 35, let's do this thang.


This is me when all my friends were singing happy birthday. I'm holding an old fashioned. Obviously. Thanks for the pic, Mosi.